Construction Accidents

Somerset, Warren and Hunterdon County Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites are dangerous places. Ladders, cranes and scaffolding collapse, welding tools malfunction, compressed gas explodes, debris falls, and passers-by slip, trip and fall at unguarded sites. Serious injuries often result from such accidents, including burns and scarring, broken bones, brain injury, and even death. If you have been hurt on a construction site, you may have a right to compensation for your injuries if the accident was caused by the carelessness or negligence of another. If you were an employee at the construction site when your injury occurred, you also have the right to make a workers’ compensation claim to have your medical bills paid, recover for lost income, and receive compensation for your injuries.

At the Flemington, New Jersey, Murgatroyd Law Group, we have successfully obtained compensation for many people injured on construction sites. Contact our law firm and let us put our experience to work for you.

How to Recover Compensation for Your on-the-Job-Site Injuries in the Flemington, Somerville and Washington Areas

There are two ways to obtain compensation for your construction accident injuries:

  • The first is through the workers’ compensation system. If you work on a construction site, workers’ compensation law provides coverage for medical expenses and disability coverage for any worker injured on the job regardless of fault.
  • The second is through a personal injury lawsuit. If you were injured because a road crew failed to guard a highway construction site, or you are a construction worker whose injuries were caused by a defective ladder, collapsed scaffolding, falling debris, crane accident or suffered injuries due to some other tragedy that occurred at a construction site, our law office will file a lawsuit to recover compensation from the responsible parties.

How an Experienced Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help

Anthony Murgatroyd’s previous career was defending the responsible parties and their insurance companies against personal injury victims, including construction accident victims. This puts our law office in an excellent position to understand the defenses and prepare your construction accident claim for success. We have also helped hundreds of employees recover workers’ compensation disability awards for their work-related injuries. Because of our background, we know how the insurance carriers evaluate their claims and use that knowledge to obtain the best possible compensation for injured construction workers. Contact a knowledgeable construction accident lawyer at Murgatroyd Law Group, to schedule a free initial consultation.