What clients have to say about Attorney Anthony Murgatroyd

Although it seemed like a dream at this time, at least it wasn’t a nightmare, and this is entirely because of you and the manner in which you handled the settlement of my case. No involvement with the legal system is without peril and potential suffering. Your expert advice and support proved invaluable and highly successful. I hope not to ever need your services again, but certainly would not hesitate to call upon your expert advice if necessary and will always refer to you whenever any of my family or friends require legal counsel.
Dr. James W, Bound Brook, New Jersey

“Thanks again for your support and guidance on getting my case settled. I think we did very well and I’m glad we avoided having to go to court. You did an outstanding job and your level of professionalism and knowledge on how to prepare the case was first rate. You are an awesome attorney. All the best”.
Laurie S., Flemington, New Jersey

“I was fortunate to have Mr. Anthony Murgatroyd represent me after I fell and broke my wrist on ice. Not knowing whom to call, I said a short prayer, looked up the Yellow Pages of the telephone book, saw Mr. Murgatroyd’s name and contacted him. My husband and I found Mr. Murgatroyd to be a sincere person. As an attorney, he listened closely as I related to him my concerns. Mr. Murgatroyd “stayed the course” until my case came to a satisfactory conclusion. When depositions had to be given by my family, they all agreed that if they ever needed an attorney they would contact Mr. Murgatroyd because of his consideration, integrity and knowledge. A few months ago my son needed legal advice and Mr. Murgatroyd made himself available on short notice. The situation was resolved and my whole family was appreciative of his expertise and resolve. My friend had the opportunity to meet Mr. Murgatroyd and told me how impressed she was by his professionalism and manner. Based on our experience we would recommend Mr. Murgatroyd as an attorney because he comes across as a person who cares about people – his client/attorney relationship is flawless.”
Katherine and John W. of Hampton, New Jersey

“Anthony…Just wanted to say thank you for your help with my case. I’m very impressed that you succeeded in overcoming the many challenges my situation presented and very happy with the Award. I will keep you in mind for any and all matters in which your services would benefit me or someone I know.”
Todd D. of Flemington, New Jersey

“Because of a conflict with a person living in New Jersey, I needed a New Jersey lawyer. Mr. Murgatroyd was recommended to me and I met him in his office. The disagreement was resolved in Arbitration…I would recommend this lawyer to anyone in need of competent, professional help.”
Hal L. of Matamoras, Pennsylvania

“I have great respect for my attorney, Anthony Murgatroyd. His continuous utmost determination and patience in attending many court hearings, other confrontations, review of records and numerous phone calls; with great perseverance, he never gave up; he was kind and very empathetic towards my injury and pain…I have never met an individual like Anthony Murgatroyd, that has tremendous caring, dedicated character and empathetic personality to his fellow human beings…”
Goldie S. of Hampton, New Jersey

“A short time ago, while living in New Jersey, I was involved in a rear end car crash. I sustained a lower back injury. My son immediately advised me to call Attorney Anthony Murgatroyd. Right from the beginning, I realized that Anthony takes a personal interest in his client’s problem. He handles all phases of the case, whatever they might be, in a confident and professional manner. He also strives to make sure the client is as comfortable as possible. I believe that this is very important to the person involved. It was necessary for me to visit Anthony’s office several times and I also spent some time in the courtroom. I did not feel nervous at all, not even in the courtroom, because Anthony was sitting by my side. I am very satisfied with the settlement of my case. At this time, I would like to thank Anthony for all his effort and for the knowledge and expertise he put into this. It is certain that I will be recommending Attorney Anthony Murgatroyd to anyone I know who can use his help.”
Mary P. of Hudson, Florida

“We want to let you know how much we appreciate the quality of service that you’ve done for us. Your kindness and patience really made me feel at home. Your name and company will never be forgotten. And rest assured that you will be referred to my family and friends in all our future legal needs.”
Romeo & Elvira S. of Fords, New Jersey

“Your service in handling my case was the best. Would highly recommend you in the future to family and friends. Thank you so much.”
Dennis C. of Toms River, New Jersey

“The day I walked into your office in Flemington, N.J., was certainly a lucky day for me. Right from the onset, I sensed I could trust you to do all in your power to help and defend me. That situation was my “first” offense, or DUI, and I never suspected, at the time, that there would be two more DUI’s within a not very long time span. Through your kind efforts and expertise, I am, today, a very grateful and satisfied client, who has had to serve no jail time, and I’ll never forget you for the job you did in presenting yourself on my behalf at three different courts with dignity and professionalism. Therefore, it is with appreciation, relief and admiration that I write this letter of thanks. I would highly recommend you to ALL in need of legal aid of any kind and, again, I thank you for all your efforts in my behalf.”
Tom D. and Family, Clearwater, Florida