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The death of a loved one from a car crash, workplace catastrophe or other preventable accident often raises many difficult questions. Families can be left to wonder how to pay outstanding medical bills and funeral expenses and make up for the loss of their loved one's income. No less importantly, many families are left with a common question: "How do we hold the negligent party responsible for its actions?"

Under New Jersey law, a wrongful death is a death caused by someone else's careless, reckless or deliberate actions. A wrongful death can be a murder, and you may bring a lawsuit even if there's a criminal case pending. More often, wrongful deaths are caused by "accidents" that could have been prevented if the people, businesses or organizations responsible had been reasonably careful.

Nearly any type of accident or incident can cause a wrongful death claim in New Jersey, including:

After an unexpected death, families may be too immersed in shock and grief to consider monetary compensation surrounding their loss. Medical, funeral and other costs related to the death can pile up quickly. In addition, if the family loses a wage earner, it has lost some or all of its means to pay those and other bills.

A wrongful death lawsuit can never bring a loved one back or right a wrongdoing resulting in a person's passing, but it can help families thrown into a financial crisis by a death they never could have anticipated. In some cases, a lawsuit can also compensate you for emotional losses and punish wrongdoing by the person or organization responsible for your loss.

Experience To Fight For Your Family — And Your Loved One

While it is impossible to fully address the loss you and your family have suffered, an experienced trial lawyer can ease the financial burden you face as you move forward from your tragedy. Families in New Jersey find a compassionate and aggressive ally in the attorney and legal team of Murgatroyd Law Group. Our attorney, Anthony J. Murgatroyd, has a quarter-century of experience in the area of personal injury law. With his years of trial experience and access to medical and accident experts, our firm helps families recover financially from the devastating loss of a family member.

When negligence is the cause of fatal injuries, families may be able to recover for their loved one's pain and suffering and medical and funeral expenses, as well as for loss of financial contribution. Throughout the claims process, our clients receive personalized attention and the peace of mind knowing that our firm will do everything possible to make the aftermath of a sudden death as manageable as possible.

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