Injured By Others

An Experienced New Jersey Attorney | Helping Victims Of Workplace Accidents Pursue Claims Against Negligent Third Parties

Part of the advantage of the New Jersey workers' compensation system is that because it is a "no fault" system, workers can obtain medical treatment, wage-loss and disability benefits regardless of what led to their injuries.

When another party's negligent actions contributed to the incident that injured a worker, however, he or she may be able to seek compensation in addition to workers' comp benefits by filing a third-party claim. An experienced lawyer can evaluate whether one or more third-party claims are possible for your accident injuries.

Our attorney, Anthony J. Murgatroyd, has a quarter-century of experience handling injury claims.

When Third-Party Claims May Be Available

Third-party claims can arise out of many workplace accidents. The simplest example would be where a person is driving his or her employer's vehicle while on the job. Then he or she is struck from behind. In addition to having a workers' compensation claim, the person would have a claim against the other driver. You can be a construction worker and negligent contractors or subcontractors, who work for different companies at a construction site can directly cause injury to you. A defective piece of factory machinery can malfunction and injure you while you are at work. In that case, the manufacturer may be liable for the injuries. The examples are endless.

With our firm's significant experience in the area of workplace injury claims, we can quickly and thoroughly obtain the evidence needed to seek compensation from any negligent parties. This includes not only maintenance logs and other records used to track compliance with workplace safety laws, but also medical records that show how our clients' injuries will affect them in the future.

Victims of workplace injuries or accidents in New Jersey find a compassionate, results-driven advocate in attorney Anthony J. Murgatroyd. He has 25 years of experience handling injury claims, including years spent as house counsel for a major insurance company. This gives him the experience of knowing how the insurance companies defend and evaluate injury claims — experience that helps our firm's clients know what to expect and to have their cases prepared for success. Our firm will ensure that your workplace accident does not leave you financially devastated and uncompensated for your injuries.

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