Temporary Disability Benefits And Permanent Disabilities

It can be confusing to know which types of workers' compensation benefits you are eligible for following a workplace accident. An experienced New Jersey workers' compensation lawyer, however, can evaluate your case and ensure that your employer's insurance company pays the proper benefits when you are unable to work.

At Murgatroyd Law Group, our attorney and legal team know that people who face temporary or permanent disabilities have the greatest need for workers' compensation benefits because their injuries completely prevent them from working. Anthony J. Murgatroyd uses a quarter-century of experience handling injury claims to carefully evaluate workers' compensation claims and see to it that clients receive the full benefits they are entitled to.

Understanding Workers' Compensation Benefits In New Jersey

The state's workers' comp program designates several categories of benefits for temporary and permanent disabilities. They include:

  • Temporary total disability benefits
  • Permanent partial benefits
  • Permanent total benefits

Temporary disability benefits are available to any worker who is disabled for more than seven days; these benefits equal 70 percent of a worker's average weekly wages.

Permanent partial benefits are designed to compensate workers who lose the function of specific body parts, including arms, legs, hands, feet and other essential body parts and systems. These are paid to eligible workers following the end of temporary total disability benefits.

Permanent total benefits are available to workers who cannot accept any type of gainful employment because of a job-related disability, illness or other injury. These benefits initially last for 450 weeks, but can continue afterward if a worker can show that he or she is still unable to work following the initial 450-week period.

Learn What Benefits You May Qualify For

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