Blindness And Deafness

Some injuries cannot be undone by time and medical treatment. In these cases, having an experienced lawyer is essential to ensuring that your loved one receives proper compensation for his or her pain and suffering, as well as the medical costs associated with permanent injuries.

Blindness can result from numerous accidents involving electrical shock, excessive light exposure and even blunt head or eye trauma.

Deafness can result from excessively loud noise, trauma or even infection.

Learning to live without sight or hearing is emotionally and physically devastating. Individuals who lose the ability to see must relearn every common activity, from navigating their homes to reading. Hearing loss makes basic communication extremely challenging. Victims and their families can obtain help through special assistive devices and extensive retraining, but every solution is extremely costly.

The Murgatroyd Law Group offers victims of blindness, deafness and other serious injuries in New Jersey the experienced counsel of attorney Anthony J. Murgatroyd. He has a quarter-century of trial and negotiation experience in the area of personal injury. Just as importantly, he and our legal team believe that negligent parties should be held accountable for the injuries they cause to innocent people, especially when those injuries are permanent. We have successfully obtained compensation for clients throughout the state, and we can put our experience and passion to work for your loved one, too.

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Helping Accident Victims Seek Fair Compensation For Their Permanent Injuries

We represent people who experience blindness and deafness as a result of:

We work with medical and vocational experts to obtain a complete picture of the long-term financial burdens our clients face as a result of these injuries. Then we pursue compensation from the negligent parties, seeking favorable settlements whenever possible, but always preparing to make our case before a jury if necessary.

Learn What Compensation Your Loved One May Be Entitled To Receive

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