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At the Murgatroyd Law Group, our attorney and legal team believe that our clients deserve full compensation for their injuries.

People who have suffered serious, catastrophic or life-changing injuries, however, absolutely need a lawyer with experience handing complex personal injury cases and success both at the negotiating table and in the courtroom. Anthony J. Murgatroyd has a quarter-century of experience representing personal injury plaintiffs with serious and disabling injuries in New Jersey and knows from years spent as house counsel for a major insurance company how insurers defend and evaluate claims. He is also a Board-Certified Civil Trial Attorney both nationally and by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. He uses his courtroom experience and insurance industry background to help people facing lifetime disability, pain and suffering, and medical expenses obtain financial compensation for injuries caused by someone else's negligence.

The firm also has a former Director of Rehabilitation from a major New Jersey hospital on our full-time staff. She brings to the Group her experience and understanding of the rehabilitation process and her expertise in interpreting complex medical records. Her dedication, experience and passion as a patient advocate are of enormous value and benefit to our clients facing life-changing disabling injuries.

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Serious Injuries Require Experienced, Aggressive Representation

In addition to our valued staff, we work carefully with a team of vocational, rehabilitation, economic and medical experts whose input and evaluation testimony are critical to determining disability and the long-term costs of negligently caused injuries.

The following types of physical damage are among the most common types of catastrophic injuries:

  • Head, back and spinal cord injury: Often resulting in partial or full paralysis, a spinal injury can be devastating, altering basic movement and affecting virtually every aspect of life.
  • Brain and head injuries: Also known as "traumatic brain injury." The brain controls every bodily function, so traumatic brain injury can affect everything from sensory abilities to basic thought functions that can influence the ability to communicate or earn a living.
  • Amputation: Many accidents can result in the immediate loss of a body part, anything from fingers to limbs, that may require surgical amputation to save a life. After the injury heals physically, victims must go through extensive therapy and training to learn new ways to accomplish basic tasks. Some victims cannot return to their prior employment and many require long-term personal assistance, often for the rest of their lives.
  • Blindness/deafness: Learning to live without sight or hearing is emotionally and physically devastating. Individuals who lose the ability to see must relearn every common activity, from navigating their homes to reading. Hearing loss makes basic communication extremely challenging. Victims and their families can obtain help through special assistive devices and extensive retraining, but every solution is very costly.
  • Burn injuries: Burn injury survivors typically endure among the most catastrophic and disfiguring injuries imaginable. Not only do survivors have to deal with pain, suffering and immense physical discomfort, but the psychological and emotional scars associated with disability and disfigurement run just as deep. Moreover, catastrophic burn injury survivors can incur burdensome medical expenses that often persist for many years. This creates immense stress for burn survivors and their loved ones.
  • Fatal injuries or wrongful death: No amount of money can fully compensate families when the life of a loved one is cut short because of the negligent or wrongful acts of others. When a family member suffers a fatal injury, you face the bills from medical treatment and funeral costs while forever losing the financial and emotional support of the person you lost.

Whether our clients were injured in a motor vehicle accident or construction accident or by a defective product, we aggressively pursue compensation from insurance companies. Whenever possible and in a client's best interest, we pursue a favorable settlement that takes into account the full value of a claim, but with our client's understanding and consent, we never hesitate to take a case to a jury when it is necessary to guarantee that a client receives the money to which he or she is entitled.

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