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Amusement parks are a place for people to have fun and experience a wide variety of forms of entertainment in one place. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, leaving the victims injured and often uninformed of their rights. Our attorney and staff at the Murgatroyd Law Group are experienced at handling a wide range of personal injury matters, including amusement park injuries, for clients across the state of New Jersey.

Amusement parks and theme parks are constantly trying to out-do each other, creating larger, scarier and more dangerous rides in a competitive attempt to provide the ultimate thrill. These rides are often the central factor that leads to a serious injury. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that emergency room injuries from amusement park rides rose almost 87 percent in the last five years. Amusement parks such as Six Flags Great Adventure, Million Dollar Pier, Steel Pier, Raging Waters, Ocean City Boardwalk and other ride attractions, have regulations and laws governing the safe operation of amusement games and rides, and your ticket should not buy you a trip to the hospital.

An amusement park injury can be sustained as the result of a range of contributing factors, such as:

  • Mechanical failure
  • Operator behavior
  • Improper maintenance (of a ride, other attraction or location in the park)
  • Design defects
  • Design limitations
  • Improper signage

Injuries caused by these factors can include brain and head injuries; neck, back, and spinal cord injuries; and broken bones. Our firm also handles cases in which a wrongful death claim is warranted when an individual has died due to the negligence of an amusement park. How often amusement park accidents occur is difficult to say since there is no comprehensive source for amusement ride accident data. No federal law or national agency requires all ride operators in every state to file such accident reports. As a result, it is impossible to obtain accurate and complete accident data. In New Jersey, regulated parks are required to report accidents to the state, but the reporting requirements are not easily accessible to the public. A firm knowledgeable in navigating the state agency reporting system will be able to obtain that information for you.

New Jersey law requires an injured person to provide the amusement park with written notice, including all the details of an incident involving injury within 90 days of the incident, or risk being barred from bringing a lawsuit. If you were injured on an amusement park ride, do not delay in getting legal help to avoid your potential claim from being barred. Retain any and all receipts that you have from the park admission and obtain copies of any statement or incident report that you might have already given.

Our firm is committed to protecting the rights of our seriously injured New Jersey amusement park accident victims and to recovering the maximum monetary amounts possible.

Contact an amusement park injury lawyer at the Murgatroyd Law Group to learn more about our firm and how we may be able to help you. A free initial consultation is offered so you can discuss your options with our attorney. Also, if your injuries prevent you from traveling to our office, we may be able to make arrangements to visit you at your home or medical facility.